Through Dance, Jesuit Connects with the Poor of India


InterPlay India Embraces New Frontiers

Mrs. Dolly James, the project consultant of Navjeevan (New Life), an NGO run by the Mar Thomite Church, invited Mrs. Hazel Lobo, along with her assistants Neesha, Mehrunisa, and Prashant, to facilitate a workshop for their staff and 40 commercial sex workers (CSWs) of Kamathipura on 28th and 29th January 2012 at Ponda, Goa. These are women whose children are being sheltered, educated and cared for by Navjeevan. What a unique privilege it was to sing and shout, laugh and dance, draw and paint, play and pray together like little children called to taste the abundant new life of the kingdom. Continue reading

JVS Embraces New Frontiers of Embodied Spirituality

Besides workshops for sex workers in January as part of its spiritual outreach through InterPlay India, thanks in large measure to its interreligious lay collaborators, Jivanvikas Sadan (JVS) embraced new frontiers of embodied spirituality in Jan.-March 2012. among a wide variety of groups including social work and high school students, teachers and trainees, novices and senior religious, Catholics and people of other faiths. Continue reading